This is a personal blog. But not too personal .. its more about ideas and thoughts.

Anyways, my name is Azrul Hj Alwi,  born in Penang, raised in Penang and currently is in Penang. Level of education – SPM sahaja. Just “cukup makan”.

First time used computer at the age of 11 or 12. (1985 – 1986). We used to play with Apple Logo, a kind of programming language for kids. And later on we move to Basic, I think. I remember attending a programming competitions in Chung Hwa Confusions (B), Penang. They gave us a picture and we need write the codes for the “Turtle” to draw the picture.

First time used internet in 1995. The age of IRC. Remember “Undernet” server. I was once on of the earlier  users. In 1999 Undernet banned Malaysian users. At that time, Cyber Cafe’s in Kota Raya, Kuala Lumpur used to charge RM10.00 per hour. Mahal siot.

First time register a domain was with MYNIC in 1997. Thats for www.mymasjid.com.my. I was working a project with Bro Mirzan Sonni ( I dont know where he is now .. semoga beliau sentiasa dirahmati.) We were thinking of creating a site with information regarding local mosques and sell adv space. The site is still there, but its inactive.

Host my first site with Utusan Online. A local hosting provider. Windows NT i remembered. Later change to other hosting company. Now, I host at a few places.

First time receive payment from internet in 2002. It was myJodoh subscriptions.

First time in newspaper … 2003,  Berita Harian.  First time in international newspaper .. Asian Wallstreet Journal  in 2004.  Read it all here ..

well … jom teh tarik and have a short chat.

 This is not my first attempt to create a ‘personal’ site or blog. Previously, there were aalwi.tripod.com, aalwi.blogspot.com, aalwi.wordpress.com and aalwi.mymasjid.com.my. I hope it works this time. I will try to port all the good articles here … sabaq naa.