Author: Azrul Hj Alwi

Si Batu Hitam

Farid, Ko pernah tengok neraka? Aku pun tak pernah. Tapi hidup kat dunia ni pun dah cukup susah Asyik kena tipu Asyik kena bayar cukai Asyik kena bayar hutang Kadang-kadang aku pun give-up Mesti kat neraka lagi laa susah. Farid, Ko pernah tengok syurga? Aku pun tak pernah. Tapi aku pernah kucup batu syurga Aku […]

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They Got Their Free Access

The invitation email are going out now. Telling some of the users to activate the account and get the free access. I hope they are happy. Salam Aidilfitri. I took 7 hours to do the above banner. Is that can be consider too long?

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New Registration System ..

Before .. Register. System send activation code to email. Enter activation code at site. Loop holes .. From my 8 years or experiance, i found that there are some people who like to mark our activation emails as SPAM. Yahoo of instance, will automatically mark multiple emails as SPAM. People get fed-up, they leave. New.. […]

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